HomeAndHealth is a site that collects and provides the best alternative and natural treatments to address diseases of the body and mind affecting millions of people worldwide . Throughout our sections , you will find selected and tested guides, whose treatments have achieved the best results in hundreds.

HomeAndHealth aims to provide information for all ages on the latest proven therapies in alternative and traditional medicine.

This site does not provide medical solutions . The treatments offered here are based on natural methods , so that, if necessary a medical solution , it is advisable to consult a professional.

About Us

HomeAndHealth born from the initiative of a group of people , to introduce 100 % natural methods to improve health without resorting to drug treatments. Our goal is to learn how to achieve a healthier, more natural life. The material published here is not intended to replace medical treatments. HomeandHealth.com is a site for educational purposes , which collects and provides 100 % natural guides to overcome the problems mentioned here. However , one should never replace a prescribed drug treatment previously by your doctor. If it is necessary to use drugs , consult your doctor.

What we Offer

Through our sections for explanations on smoking, eating or anxieties , among other diseases , and 100 % natural methods to combat them. The guidelines offered here are, in our view, the most effective in the treatment of these diseases treated here . HomeandHealth.com not offer medical treatments. For any questions on the need for drug treatment, consult your doctor. However, it is necessary to clarify that we are not the authors of material offered as manuals and guides.

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