Malnutrition is the state that appears as a result of an unbalanced diet, in which there are nutrients missing, or from which there is an excess, or whose intake is given in the wrong ratio.

The World Health Organization defines malnutrition as the single greatest global public health threat.

As a result of a poor diet, various nutritional disorders may occur, depending on which nutrients are under- or overused in the diet.

An unbalanced diet affects the body, causing health problems that can affect the body severely, to the point of death of the individual.

It is important to understand this not to suffer the effects of a poor diet, as it is overweight. Increased blood pressure, increased cholesterol, fat accumulation in the arteries or diabetes or circulatory problems, are some of the conditions that an individual may suffer overweight.

Furthermore, the lack of a balanced diet and lack of nutrients, can bring other problems such as anemia or cramps.

Sleep cornerstone of welfare, is also affected by poor nutrition.

Eating excessively can cause insomnia which in conjunction with dietary deficiency can cause problems or psychological disorders and depression.

You see, the delicate physical and psychological balance of the human body is highly linked to good nutrition.

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