Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is not easy. Surely more than once he has proposed. But it is not just “decide” is a process that requires time and a “plan” to succeed.

Quit smoke should be a process with steps:

1) The first is physically and mentally prepared: this preparatory period lasts from 1 week to 10 days (may last less, but we should not pass this limit). The aim is that during that time gradually reduce their consumption and then abandon it completely.

If it takes a long time smoking, do not worry. During this preparation time seeking to know why you smoke, why you want to quit and how and when.

2) Almost in parallel with the physical and mental preparation, one should look for a reason and be convinced. One thing is sure: o one method is effective if it has the firm conviction that you want to leave.

We not all stop smoking for the same reason. Therefore you should look for his, and that is sufficiently powerful and important. Remember, you have to feel like yours truly, who cares really

3) The third step is to beat the habit. Smokers are trapped by smoking in different ways: there is a physical dependence and psychological dependence.

Physical or drug dependency is probably explained by the increase in regular smokers, the number of “nicotinic receptors” on the surface of nerve cells.
The psychological dependence is more complex than the previous one, because it is not linked to physical but emotional issues, and generally takes longer than physical dependency control. People who suffer from this kind of dependency in need cigarette to think, to relax or just to feel good. Some smokers go even to think they are not able to live without snuff and that the product is an integral part of their adult life. We must have at least 6 months to become totally detached from it.
Think how many cigarettes you smoke a day and multiply by 365 days a year and the number of years of smoking. For example, smoking 20 cigarettes a day for 20 years, it will be smoked more or less 146000 times. It is logical that this movement is so automatic and takes place only unconsciously

To overcome all these barriers is paramount support of friends and family, who must be aware of his decision.

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